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API Buzzer / Vibrator
at your convenience, washable jacket size XL - 2XL
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API washable jacket (differents sizes) VIBRATOR
We have different sizes: M - L/XL (mixed size) - XL/2XL (mixed size)- 3XL
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API-Attitude:teaching tools PRAP et Gestures and Postures

API generates the reflex of weakening of the legs to protect the back and guard CTD / RSI of type low back pain.

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API Safety vest

API XXL Washable jacket, BUZZER

Device attached to the vest with Velcro, washable jacket API after removing the device.
The bestseller of the API: this version allows the washing and the replacement of the vest at will. Compliance with the policy of sustainable development (90% Recyclable).
FREE SHIPPING over 4 item.
41,00 € HT
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API teaching tools

"API only" version

Adaptive 'API only' release on all types of work using 2 "clip-pins". Is fixed on the inner face of the working clothes. On request we can put velcro on your own work clothes. There is version vest Lavable for better comfort and ease of use.
39,00 € HT
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API yellow safety vest

API Washable breakaway vest for UPS USA

The API Washable breakaway vest: it can be used near mechanisms in movement without jeopardizing the integrity of its user. this article is mainly used by UPS USA and CANADA .
47,00 €
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Musculo-skeletal disorders (TMS) are costly to the company:

(source INRS)
They are a source of major disruption, can cause a drop in performance for the company (decrease in productivity, quality,...) and have a major impact on absenteeism and turnover. Prevention solutions can be implemented. They allow not only to reduce the risk of TMS but also lead to improve the quality of work life of employees and the quality of the products.
It's never too late to learn how to protect his back: the alarm of Posture inappropriate generates the reflex of weakening of the legs and educates the user to practice good posture during handling operations.